After a continuous teamwork, on December 5, EvoTiming joined forces with the popular endurance application "Yamamah" and announced their partnership. The application that consolidates all the results of competitions in UAE and Europe, now has an integration with EvoTiming, making possible the visibility of the results in both platforms.

The efforts combination with the objective of supporting the sport growth, ends with the integration of a high level referent in the equestrian field, with one of the largest platforms dedicated to the Endurance as it is EvoTiming. As a result, competitions results are not only visible in the web and mobile channels of the platform, but are also projected in real time throughout Emirates in real time. In practice, sports fans will have new ways to be in contact with the discipline from anywhere in the world. Undoubtedly, these are excellent news for Endurance both at regional and international level: "A partnership of this kind brings benefits in many areas, not only for our platform, but for people who are interested in knowing what is happening during events, and helps in the opening of possible markets abroad in terms of equine exportation as well", explains Germán Fernández, CEO of EvoTiming. "In turn, working toghether was a nice experience wich gave us a lot of satisfaction; it is very rewarding to find people who love what they do and share passion and commitment to the sport."

Among the characteristics that Yamamah apicación offers, we can search results by races, information of horses and riders, notifications during events and tracking of binomials in real time. It is available in its two versions for Android and IOs. It is definetely worth a shot.