We are very happy to announce the launch of the new EvoTiming platform. It is an exciting step to give life to our vision of a technological platform to support and contribute to the constant Endurance growth. Today we can say that all the time invested, the immeasurable effort and the constant teamwork has been worth while, and somehow we want to thank all people involved and reflect such success and commitment in this release.

Back at the beginning, EvoTiming was designed as a product dedicated to the timing of Equestrian Endurance races. In 2015, Uruguay had a large number of establishments dedicated to the breeding and training of horses for this discipline; over time Endurance became consolidated and gave rise to the appearance of new establishments as well as specialized centers to prepare and train horses. In a world where technology role is fundamental in everyday life, it is unthinkable not to use the benefits it could bring to the Endurance context. This is precisely the path that EvoTiming initially set and that has been following throughout its lifetime: to strengthen different discipline aspects making use of technology in its broad spectrum.

So... what is the new platform about?

It is consolidated as a complete suite of tools related to the equestrian world, with a strong emphasis on the discipline of Endurance.

  • New improvements and specific functionalities for the administration modules aimed to help the federations, to have an accurate database with information related to the competitions and events held, and the traceability of the action over time for equines and riders.

  • Several timing processes are automated; thanks to the use of sensors and chips an unequaled precision is achieved in timing each competitor. This allows to mitigate and remove any existing uncertainty and as a result, transparency and profesionality is provided to the sport strengthening the competitive environment among the endurist public.

  • Seeking to achieve an approach between the spectator audience and the Endurance, a new interface is presented that shows the results in a very friendly and simple way; In addition to the live results for each competition, binomials performance statistics and comparative tables between bests competitors are included, which manages to bring the user to the competitions place and be part of the race.

  • Nowadays practicality is everything, even more when it comes to mobile devices. Therefore, EvoTiming offers an app with all the necessary information in order to not to miss a single detail of the Endurance competitions. Live results, alerts and notifications, follow-ups and everything you can expect in one place and at your fingertips. Available for Android and IOs.

Without a doubt, we have infinities of features and news to tell. Over time, we will be posting on this blog and sharing userful contents, while releasing new features and making sure to explain them in deepth for you to take advantage of the platform. Subscribe to our newsletter and wait for our next post.